Soft Touch Skincare Pack



Perfect Skin Serum

A cream-gel made of silicon combined with vitamin E which has antioxidant and anti-age effects, jojoba oil nourishes and regenerates.

Creates a soft-focus effect on the pigment which also corrects imperfections by the dispersion and reflection of light.

Corrects the optical form of dull skin by illuminating the skin and visually eliminating imperfections, minimizing the size of pores and contributes to the skin with a silky touch.

Anti-aging Day Cream

Prevents wrinkles and softens expression lines.

A moisturising cream formulated with DMS (Derma-Membrane-Structure), which has a very similar structure to that of the skin, making the active flow easier.

Incorporates oriental perilla oil, which provides firmness and diminishes expression lines from inside the skin. The calcium mineral complex contributes to skin resistance and strengthens the epidermis tissues.

This product is formulated with microspheres, which are placed inside the wrinkles, reflecting light, hiding expression lines and, at the same time, providing the skin with a uniform effect.

Protects against UVA and UVB rays through its SPF-6 sunscreen.

Anti-wrinkle Fluid

Fill, reduce and hide expression wrinkles. Formulated with hexapeptide-8, which reproduces the action of botulinum toxin and relaxes face muscles.

Easy to apply thanks to its roll-on system, which allows spreading the product quickly and precisely over the required area.


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